Owner Operator Trucking Jobs &

Truck Driver Jobs

Those who reside in Menomonee Falls, WI, Oak Creek, Racine or various other areas of Wisconsin, who are searching for owner operator trucking jobs are invited to contact us at Aumor Inc. If you have the training and skills, truck driver jobs can be rewarding and profitable. Owner operator trucking jobs can be very lucrative for the right person. We are looking for drivers who are dedicated to providing quality service to clients who are in need of their services. Our clients are always a top priority and we take the work that we do very seriously. It's our passion and how we support our families.

Our truck driver jobs require you to have an excellent driving record and a strong desire to provide exceptional customer service. We do a variety of different types of jobs including oversized loads, as well as power only transportation. Following all of the rules and regulations set forth in the trucking industry is a must for all who work for us. Our reputation is very important to us, and our hope is that your reputation is important to you as well. Together, we can have a relationship that benefits all. We believe in treating everyone with kindness and a fair hand. We're sure that you'll enjoy working alongside us.

If you are interested in hiring us for power only transportation or moving heavy or oversized loads, we invite you to contact our office for pricing information, as well as to get answers to any questions that you might have. When you put your transport needs in our capable hands, you can rest assured that your delivery will reach its destination in the same condition you gave it to us, and it will be on time. Our service is exceptional, and we keep our prices low. What more could you ask for in a transport company? Call us today.